Fresh on Etsy

Seaside Peace Crane by localcolorist. Spider Mums by CardZoo. X Marks the Spot Hat by DeannasArtistry. The S Necktie Choker by bakesale.

Cute stuff! I tried to focus today on promising artists who haven’t had many sales yet. Enjoy :)



…attention doesn’t wander because something is dull; life seems dull when attention wanders.


-Eknath Easwaran





Does anyone else remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? I was obsessed with these as a kid. You never knew where you would end up:

You’re standing at the mouth of a cave, the man you’ve been chasing just ran inside.

If you follow him, turn to page 73.

If you leave to find help, turn to page 14.

Blog hopping feels a lot like that, and it’s how I find some of the coolest new stuff. New indie blogs are popping up all the time, and this is a great way to find them. Start anywhere (I recommend the Inspiring Reads in my sidebar), then click one of their blogroll links, and one of theirs, etc. It’s a great way to get better know the indie community, to know the people who make and sell these beautiful things. Sure beats the box-stores hiding behind their brands.

So just for fun, I’m tracking today’s adventures. Starting with…

Hojpoj. This is the mar22hojpoj.jpgpersonal blog of an Etsy glass artist whose work I love. She shared a really sweet experience in a recent post. Matches well with this Buddha panel, I think.

I made a big sale yesterday, which of course made me happy. But what was even more interesting, it wasn’t the sale – but the person buying that just made me feel great.

I thought she had accidentally bought 4 aceo cards thinking they were part of the BOGO sale and sent her an email to make sure she actually wanted them all at full price. She not only did want them, she said some very nice things about them and how she intended to use them for her “inspiration wall”.

From there, I clicked on…

Mashulu. Bloggers are making me smile today. She says:

I applied to participate in Spring Bada-Bing, a juried craft show sponsored by the Richmond Craft Mafia. Monday I got my rejection email…I was disappointed and curious as to why I didn’t get in. Not like I think I’m the innovator of the handmade purse or anything. I was just wondering what I needed to do to step my game up this time…Strangest thing…Wednesday I got an email saying that I got the wrong email…so I actually DID get in! Crazy, right?…Could I possibly be having the best week EVER?

From Mashulu, I checked out some lovely art on art&ghosts, then It’s a Whimsical Life (I love her avatar), on to…



Dawbis, an arts and craft maven with a green bent, who has a cool tutorial on turning a cereal box into an envelope that looks like a USPS priority envelope. It would also make a great folder for storage. Maybe I should start eating cereal!


From there to Pink Trees, and finally…

mar22pincushions.jpgKleas. I’m stopping here because these pin cushions are super cute and because I need to get to work. But I encourage you to do some blog-hopping in your spare time today. If you find anything too cool not to share, please let us know!