Flickr Fridays

Flickr Fridays – Etsy Look and Learn, originally uploaded by maile&justin, drawn from the Etsy Look and Learn pool.

Okay, so aesthetics might be lacking in this mosaic as a whole, but I really liked these items individually, so…

Arnie the Robot

Bird Tags

Frida Scarf Detail

Little Birds

Poppy Scarfaletta

Atomic Earrings: I saved these for last because I absolutely LOVE them! So simple, yet something in them speaks to me.



Flickr Fridays – Etsy Love, originally uploaded by maile&justin.


Simpla Necklace by Neawear @etsy
Moonkie [hearts] Ham by Anthropomorphco @etsy ham by SweetMeats @etsy
Linked Bangles by Amysjewelry @etsy
Dots and Flowers Baby Blanket by Lalunedesigns @etsy
Bird House by Zoo1023 @etsy
Button Covers by Mamastaub @etsy

Just realized I had Anthropomorphco in last Friday’s mosaic. Totally unintentional (though I do love her stuff). I’m not feeling so great today, so I think I’m going to leave it, but if you know of someone else who should be up there, please post a link in the comments. If enough people respond, I’ll try to post an update later today. Happy Friday :)

Update: turns out I didn’t double up on Anthropomorphco after all.  The ham in the monkey picture is from SweetMeats.  Thanks for the clarification Joan.

Spring is in the air, originally uploaded by maile&justin.

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bracelet, windchime, necklace, child’s top, gift set, rabbits

A rainbow of handmade deliciousness, originally uploaded by maile&justin.

Some of my favorite handmade things recently uploaded to Flickr, for you to enjoy!

Red Felt business card holder by freelance monster.
Orange swirly flowers notebook by pink swizzle stick.
Green stained glass panel by hojpoj.
Turquoise and Tillandsia by stamp.
Daisy Bucket Purse by creative babies etsy.
Etsy Metal Cupcakes by psychopooch.

Feb16, originally uploaded by maile&justin.

Super cute stuff this week! Mosaic Maker didn’t save the links, though. I’ll try again next time.

Feb9, originally uploaded by maile&justin.

I didn’t intend the theme, but Mr. bread sure seems happy about it.

Some of the coolest handmade things on Flickr right now. Next week I’ll try to include the links in case people are interested.