Yep, that’s me in the picture at the top of the home page; I took it myself, after many, many tries. I needed someone to model my jewelry, and I was the only person around.

You can probably learn the most about me simply by reading my posts, and my point. My history includes training as a midwife, publishing as a poet, and earning a degree in philosophy from UC Berkeley. When I’m not thinking about Indie shopping (or when I’m multitasking), I’m probably creating new jewelry, writing my novel, or moving my body.

some sites of personal interest

The Society for Barefoot Living. Yes, I am a member. No, I’m not barefoot all the time. I do try, though.

Bay Area Hiker. An amazingly thorough catalogue of SF Bay Area hikes, with pictures and comments. The magazine of natural family living. Fabulous user-submitted and rated vegan recipes.

And all the links on my sidebar :)




2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. […] vs. Indie is a blog run by Maile in California. The purpose of Box vs. Indie is simple – sharing the belief that indie businesses […]

  2. […]    Thanks to Maile at Box vs. Indie for doing a great interview/feature about Mixed Plate and me!  Check it out […]

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