Joanna Mendocina

I’m sure you’ve seen Joanna Mendocino‘s work popping up on various blogs and print magazines since last fall. Her ‘crafty modern’ ceramics are insanely cute in every picture I’ve seen, and as I learned this weekend, they’re even cuter in person.

My husband and I were driving back from the hardware store (we’re trying to sell our condo, which means doing some upgrades–and I wanted to collect paint chips to make into boxes), and on a whim I asked him to drive through the Berkeley arts district and stop at the first open studio we saw.

He did, and we ended up in the shared studio space of several potters. We walked through their gallery, and as we got to the back, these familiar little birds peeped out from around the corner. I couldn’t believe it! It was like meeting someone famous.

Unfortunately, Joanna was not there, but now that I know she is, I’m going to have to go back. The other potters in the studio said that her creations are a perfect match for her personality–this is a woman I want to meet!

There’s a little bird vase on her website that has become my new obsession. I want to put him next to my bed so his funny little face is the first thing I see in the morning. I also saw a few things in the works, not pictured on her website, including a shelf full of yet-unglazed little bunnies. Not sure if they’ll be offered for sale, but I recommend checking her site periodically. Whatever she comes up with next is bound to please.