The convergence of Spring and one of Jenn’s posts over on Popwheel recently got me itching to clean out my house. Of course, my response wasn’t to get cleaning, it was to go out and buy a book. I got one on Feng Shui.

The first chapter in the book talks about the way all the objects in our home evoke emotions. Artwork, in particular, can have a strong influence on how we feel and think, and thus on the turns our life takes.

Since reading that, I’ve been on the hunt for art that makes me happy. I think I’ve found in it LauraGeorge‘s prints, illustrations and paintings. I’m totally smitten with the little guy with the hangers, but it’s not just the art that makes me happy.

The artist, too, makes me smile. She says in her profile:

I like to make things that comfort me, in whatever way…I hope they make you feel something good. I think we should all feel good, don’t you?

I do.

If you want to buy prints from a large retailer, there’s always prints.com, but with artists like Laura selling adorable prints and affordable originals, why would you want to?