Yesterday, I found myself on How About Orange (via Modish). The blog is loaded with crafty tutorials (as well as time-wasters, rants, cool indie finds and more), and it got me thinking: why buy indie when I can make things myself?

I’ve had my eye on pretty much everything at Mi-Spa for a while now, and the web is loaded with soap, lotion and beauty-care products tutorials, ingredients are cheap, and I’m a pretty crafty person. So, though I much prefer to work with words and wire, decided to go for it.

The goal: some kind of body butter. I already had a jar of kokum butter that I’d bought from Mountain Rose Herbs because it was on sale (and because I love them). I had some almond oil in the medicine cabinet, some essential oils by my bed.

The recipe recommended using a double boiler, but I figured the microwave would work as well and would save me some effort. I moved everything into the kitchen. The project kept growing. I had to chisel the kokum butter out of the jar and into my little plastic container. It took forever to melt in the microwave, then spilled all over when I tried to whip in the almond oil (I did this with a fork, in the tiny container, to save myself from having to wash a stack of dishes), and on and on.

By the end of the project, I had a big mess on the counter, which I tried to mop up with my arms and legs so as not to waste my creation (didn’t work, though my new, slick kitchen did end up smelling good), and was really no closer to a home-spa than I’d been before I started.

I’m sure with patience and trial and error, I could get this right. I could. But why do it myself when I can buy indie? The result is a better product in a cute package, and I get to spend my creative energy in my own direction while supporting someone else in their passion. Sounds good to me.