For those of you who missed it in the comments, Doree from PinkQuartzMinerals added some great information to yesterday’s post about handmade mineral makeup.

She says:

Hi, thank you for including my company! I do care about my customer’s health! When choosing a mineral makeup, it is vital to check ALL ingredients. If a website or company does not list ingredients, pass by it because chances are they are not using only minerals.

It is also important to check for any ingredients that give the product a “shelf life”. The most common is cornstarch (zea mays), which is a food derived product, and therefore is not a good ingredient for mineral makeup as it can become contaminated, and go “bad”. Because cosmetics manufacturers are not required by law to put shelf life labels on cosmetic products, the consumer must be an informed buyer.

We offer mineral makeup samples at $1.00 each, and a great sample kit with larger samples! We also will custom mix your shade if you find after sampling that two or three shades mixed is your match! We don’t require you to buy every other month like some companies, and we want you to be happy with your products.

My samples are already on the way!  Which gives me an idea:

If you try these or any other indie cosmetics, and you’re so inclined, please email me a little review and maybe some before and after shots.  If I get enough replies, I’ll post another follow up on the blog with a special thanks to the reviewers.  Feel free to email me for details.