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Today’s interview is with the lovely Danielle Maveal from Goldschool, home of indie finds, movie recommendations and generally fun stuff.

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Goldschool is quickly becoming an asset to the indie community. How did it get its start?
Honestly, I always forget to bookmark websites when I find something really cool. For some reason I’m delusional and think I’ll actually remember that thing when I want to buy it. I figured starting a blog would help me catalog these finds while promoting indie arts and crafts.

Has it changed at all since you began? How?
Well it hasn’t been to long since I started Gold School so I can’t really answer this yet. I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned to find out!

What has been your favorite thing about running Goldschool?
I love love love comments. One reader said I made her miserable day happy by suggesting a shop with the cutest stuffed creatures. That really rocked.

What do you look for in the sellers you highlight?
I’m a sucker for cute. I’m also a sucker for clever. A ceramic wastepaper basket that actually looks like it was made from crumpled up paper? How can you not share that? I think people who really love to create show that in their work – they are striving for ingenuity. I adore that.

The indie community has many advantages over mega-retailers. Which do you feel is its strongest? Why?
Creativity! Innovation! We’re the underground, we rock.

What is the biggest challenge we face?
Selling ourselves short. While I love finding the perfect handmade item for under $20 – how the heck can anyone live off of that?? I’m probably guilty to some degree and know I have to raise my prices soon so I can afford to go to the dentist. Ha!

Where do you see the indie community in five years?
I see indie crafters still working away. Hopefully we won’t be all the rage in the mainstream. I like our little community.

What was your most recent indie buy?
I just bought a beautiful letterpress printed card from Palindrome Press and also a pattern for a cute little handbag pattern from Plain Mabel.

What was your all-time favorite indie buy? What made is so special?
Ohhh tough question! I would say the plaque I purchased from Dead Bird at the last Renegade Craft Fair. I secretly bought it for my boyfriend for Christmas. On Christmas morning we discovered we had both bought one for each other. Now I have them hanging behind my desk – they really make me smile.

You also create and sell your own jewelry, including the famous fake diamond ring. Would you like to tell us a little about your own work? Do you have any new projects on the horizon?
Ohh I like that description,”famous”! I make jewelry for pretty much the same reason I make my blog – to share all the little quirky things that make me happy, hence my mine line “Happiness”. I am in the process of making some new pendants with 18k yellow gold and silver and continuing my new vintage tattoo series. My boyfriend suggest I start a “Sadness” line in opposition to my never ending “Happiness” line but I’m not sure about that yet.