Flickr Fridays – Etsy Love, originally uploaded by maile&justin.


Simpla Necklace by Neawear @etsy
Moonkie [hearts] Ham by Anthropomorphco @etsy ham by SweetMeats @etsy
Linked Bangles by Amysjewelry @etsy
Dots and Flowers Baby Blanket by Lalunedesigns @etsy
Bird House by Zoo1023 @etsy
Button Covers by Mamastaub @etsy

Just realized I had Anthropomorphco in last Friday’s mosaic. Totally unintentional (though I do love her stuff). I’m not feeling so great today, so I think I’m going to leave it, but if you know of someone else who should be up there, please post a link in the comments. If enough people respond, I’ll try to post an update later today. Happy Friday :)

Update: turns out I didn’t double up on Anthropomorphco after all.  The ham in the monkey picture is from SweetMeats.  Thanks for the clarification Joan.