Interviews continue today with Jen from Indie Fixx. Thanks so much to Jen for participating!

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Indie Fixx has emerged as quite an asset to the indie community. How
did it get its start?

I wanted to do something to give back to the indie community that has been so supportive of me. I also wanted to do something fun with my spare time and I thought starting a blog highlighting my favorite indie designs would be rewarding and pleasurable. It has been totally
rewarding and pleasurable, but now I have no free time! ;)

Has it changed at all since you began? How?
Oh, gawd yes, it’s changed! Indie Fixx started out as a small blog with only a handful of readers and has since grown into having a very well established readership. Plus, when I first started, I only posted a couple of times a week, now my readers get antsy if I even skip one day. I’ve also added contests, like the I Support Indie Knockout and Looking for Love contests, and gift guides to further help support and promote indie.

What has been your favorite thing about running Indie Fixx?
Discovering wonderfully talented artists and designers and all the fabulous stuff they sell!

What do you look for in the sellers you highlight?
I really don’t have a set of criteria; it’s mostly based on whimsy. I do look for good, clear images and I also like to try bath and body products first. I also try to think about what my readers would like to see featured.

The indie community has many advantages over mega-retailers. Which do
you feel is its strongest? Why?
The personal touch is the most important, but flexibility, individuality, and creativity are significant advantages as well. Indie shops offer original handcrafted designs made with that special loving touch that only someone who actually makes the products they sell can offer. Shoppers like the personal experience and being able to communicate directly with the artists and designers and that’s something that Mc-Corporations will never be able duplicate.

What is the biggest challenge we face?
Our biggest obstacle is preventing huge corporations from attempting to cash in on the pop culture “indie vibe” by stealing our designs and having them manufactured in sweatshops overseas.

Where do you see the indie community in five years?
More popular than ever! I see our efforts to educate the public about alternatives to shopping at big-box stores paying off. Shoppers are looking for more diversity and are turning towards small and local businesses for more of their purchases. I believe this trend will continue much to the benefit of the indie community.

What was your most recent indie buy?
In the past month or so, I’ve purchased 10 flavored lip balms from bobe, earrings from Clinkscales Arts, a cuddle blanket from Lucky Dog Designs, and personalized bookplates from Pink Loves Brown, just to name a few.

What was your all-time favorite indie buy? What made is so special?
My latest favorite indie buy is my Redbird Tote from Rosie Ro Designs. It’s so much fun and I love that it’s big enough and sturdy enough to hold all my library books.

You also create and sell on Can you tell us a little about your own work?
I’ve been creating jewelry for about 6 years now and Tilting Swiftly got off the ground in 2004. I design and create eclectic yet elegant jewelry and accessories, which are mostly
contemporary in design, but frequently inspired by the natural world. I sell my designs at and at select boutiques nationwid and online.

Do you have any new projects on the horizon?
I am planning on 2 new blogs and an Indie Fixx shop. I promise to keep you posted.