Oceana End Table

How do we distinguish furniture from art? In every line of this table, I can envision an artist at work: the inspiration that hit him as he walked along the beach, the hours of sketching and revising to get it right, the weeks spent shaping the wood, caressing it with a gentle touch of his tools.

The best furniture is art, and Indie furniture is often the best. That’s certainly the case for this end table Paulus has for sale on Etsy. It costs $1,590 (good art’s not cheap). But wow is it gorgeous–and functional, though I might be afraid to use it!

Pottery Barn TableA box store comparison isn’t really fair. At $399, this table from Pottery Barn is less expensive, but if you consider the amount of time that went into designing and crafting the it, compared to the Oceana, you’ll find that Pottery Barn shoppers are overpaying! And if, at the end of the day, they still want fine art in their homes, they’re going to have to keep looking.