As regular readers of Box vs. Indie probably know, I’ve conducted a series of interviews with indie community supporters, discussing, among other things, their thoughts on the growth of our community. Out of fairness, I also sent interview questions to several box stores and larger retailers. Of these, only two responded at all: Pier 1 (who suggested I snail-mail my questions to the corporate office), and Target.

I asked these retailers serious questions about their thoughts on the growing indie shopping movement. I asked them whether they planned to introduce indie goods into their stores. I even asked them if they were afraid of losing shoppers to indie because they respond with form letters instead of personal service.

Target’s response? A form letter–the one they send out to students doing research papers (do kids really do term papers about Target?)

Ugh. Gag. And about what I expected. You can read the complete letter below the fold.

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in learning more about Target! Whether you’re working on a student paper, or simply want to know more about us, will help you with your research online. While we don’t offer informational or student packets, here’s some of the public information you’ll find on the website:

– Company history
– Commitment to the environment
– Community giving
– Corporate Responsibility Report
– Investor Relations information including downloadable Annual Reports
– Stock information & SEC filings
– Vendor compliance & sourcing practices

Thanks for shopping with us, and good luck with your research.