My creation

A Buddhist teacher of mine once gave a talk on the nature of the human mind and its need to constantly fix, do, fill. When things get uncomfortable, we look for what’s missing. Often that’s something we ‘need’ to buy (and the mega-retailers are ever ready to push us along). And when we have everything we need (as most westerners do), we pick up a catalog and start leafing through, asking ourselves, ‘What can I want?’

His point, I think, was that this constant striving to fill our lives itself creates suffering, etc. This is easy enough to grasp intellectually, but I still find myself asking, ‘what can I want?’ And I figure, if I’m going to do it anyway, I may as well do it Indie. And this is what I want:
Rockin’ Hello KittyMagic Yam

On the left is Hello Kitty from the (former) kings of cuteness: Sanrio. I found her by typing ‘plush rock’ into Google. She appeared, apparently, because her gaudy pink mini-skirt ‘totally rocks.’ She’s 8.25″ tall and costs $7.75.

Next to Magic Yam and his plush-rock pals, though, she looks kind of sad. These guys are smaller than Kitty (they can fit in your hand, and also in your pocket) and range from $5-$10–and they’re lovingly handmade.

My teacher would say that buying him won’t make me happy, but given all their cuteness, I’m not so sure.