What could be cooler than this Japanese spray-on mascara?

From the D’feel English-language website:

It is firmly keep, until night. Appearance finally. Carlkepsra for waited eyelashes! … Gloss is given without hurting the waited eyelashes by the treatment element mixing.

And for a little clarity, via Wired Magazine‘s print edition (3/07, pg. 34):

Clamp the applicator down … then pull the trigger to spray on acrylate copolymer, which dries into a droop-proof plastic sheath for each lash.

Search the web for ‘handmade mascara’, and you definitely don’t find that. So it got me wondering: what could be cooler than D’feel mascara? Indie supporters often tout innovation and creativity as one of the hallmarks of our community, but with all the money and minds available for products like this, will the big corporations always have us beat? What indie products have you found recently that were truly innovative?

(I do note that innovation isn’t always a good thing: pancakes and sausage on a stick will never beat a homemade meal as far as I’m concerned.)