Tiddlywinks, originally uploaded by maile&justin.

Between June and July of last year, five seperate women in my circle of friends announced they were pregnant, which means I have five baby gifts to buy (doing the math…) in the next few weeks.

I’ve seen many great indie gifts for kids, and I’m not sure which I’ll end up buying, but Tiddlywinks plush dolls are definitely in the running. I first noticed one of the bunnies on Flickr last friday, and I fell in love, not just with the adorable face, but also with the concept behind it. From the storefront:

All dolls are inspired by the drawings my children make. Everyone is made with new material by hand. I’ll gladly take special orders for certain colors, or fabric styles, even animals. If you see an animal that you’d like but I don’t yet make, just let me know.

The mass-produced offerings make a sad comparison. From among the many choices, I selected this Curious George because it’s one of Amazon’s best sellers.

Curious George on AmazonBunny from Tiddlywinks

George costs $11.95 to Ivory the bunny’s $12, and though he’s nearly double Ivory’s size, you can see the tremendous amount of love packed into that 12″ bunny.

Imagine a toddler walking through the supermarket (or farmer’s market–you can shop indie for food, too!) dragging her best ‘friend’ behind her. Which plushie do you picture in her little hand?