Tazo on AmazonHerb + Ginger Rooibos. Last October, I went on a week-long silent meditation retreat at Spirit Rock meditation center. It was sometimes wonderfully peaceful, sometimes incredibly difficult, but one thing that stood out from my experience (does this mean I’m a bad meditator?) was the Rooibos tea in the dining hall. Every night after dinner, I would make myself a cup then go sit outside and enjoy the quiet evening.

When I got home, I began my quest to find another cup of Rooibos that good. I started with Tazo, since the name was familiar (thanks Starbucks). No good. Since then, I’ve tried many; some have been better than others, but none have met my standard.

Yesterday, I decided to give up the search; decided it wasn’t the drink that was so good but the setting. And certainly there’s some truth to that. But part of what made those evenings so great was the love and care than the volunteers put into the retreat–the same love that Indie sellers also put into their creations.

Then serendipity struck. There I was, about to give up, when Brandy at IndieObsession smacked me over the head with this post about a teacup:

Herb + Ginger Now, my new tea mug is already on its way came today (!), but Herb + Ginger, with the cutest darned logo ever, also sells very exciting herbal tea. They don’t beat Tazo for price ($0.28 vs. $0.21 per cup), but that’s a small difference given their super fancy selection.

The blend pictured above contains: “Rooibos, red sugar hearts (sugar, rice flour, peanut oil), natural flavor, color, rose petals, freeze-dried strawberry slices and raspberries.”

You can’t get that at Starbucks!