Range of Etsy Sellers, originally uploaded by maile&justin.

Artikalnyc hat, Rosy dark chocolate orange fudge, Gudonya solid perfume, Katsai short sleeve tunic, AshleyG print, Fossa Designs (me) Earrings

Yesterday, the writers of the Elsewheres Blog posted the outline of their discussion for last night’s Design*Sponge meetup for female independent designers. Their topic was pricing, and they said something that caught my eye.

Lastly, remember that context is important. Be wary of putting your products into any milieu that doesn’t set the bar as high you would. Customers, buyers, and journalists will all make judgments about your brand based on the company it keeps. If you’re an indie fashion designer, does appearing on the same web page (or store shelf) as homemade fudge send the right message about your products, your business, or your brand?

Granted, they have a bias, being an online shop themselves, but this sounds a lot like Etsy, yes? And I love etsy. I sell there, and I find it to be a wonderful and supportive collection of people. In fact, the Indie community in general–from the many indie blogs, to flickr groups, to craft fairs–is something I love. If I have to distance myself from that in order to increase my prices, I’m not sure it’s worth it.

And yet we all want to sell the things we create. Do you buy from Etsy? Sell? What’s the solution?