Indie Cards, originally uploaded by maile&justin.

And why shop there when there are so many cute, Indie options? Flower cards for side-by-side comparison:

Hallmark Wedding CardEtsy Joy card

Click on the images above, and you’ll see the obvious: the card on the right, from Etsy seller Mrs. Dragon, is a much better way to show the recipient you care.

Each of Mrs. Dragon’s cards is handmade and personal, with careful attention to detail. Hallmark’s notion of personalization is to print your message in the card and mail it to the recipient for you–nothing says ‘love’ like complete avoidance, eh? And they charge a dollar for this ‘free’ (their word) service.

Which brings me to price. Hallmark charges $3.49 for this card, plus $4.95 (!!) to ship it to you. Mrs. Dragon’s card is $3.25, plus $1.15 to ship. In both cases, bulk orders reduce the per/card shipping costs.

Think you can save money by picking up the Hallmark card at the grocery store? Try a local indie seller instead! From the mosaic above:

Snake and Tiger cards, New Year Designs, San Francisco, CA.
Poppy Card, The Paper Crown, North Bergen, NJ.
Red/Yellow Leaf Card, Lupin, Gloucester, England.
Smile Swirly Card, Carol Lee Designs, Detroit, MI.
Retro Card, Fatfatinredbazaar, NYC.

Do you know of any Indie card makers in your area?  Comments are open.  Please share!