Russell Stover’s LuluRae’s So it’s unavoidable: tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a day indistinguishable from it’s consumerist expectations, the greatest of these being the heart-shaped box of chocolates.

If you believe the commercials, women need cheap, mass-produced candies in a dyed cardboard box in order to feel loved. Bigger box, more love. Hm.

Not that I don’t like chocolate, but come on. The difference between my two choices is so obvious that crappy heart-box chocolate manufacturers should have gone out of business years ago. Alas, they’re going as strong as ever.

The lovely image on the right is of the display case at LuLu Rae, a chocolate shop down the street from my house, owned by a woman who lives in my neighborhood, named after her children. The store is a happy place to visit. The selection is fabulous; they even have vegan sweets.

Compare that to a heart-box from the drugstore. Nothing says ‘love’…