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I can see the manifold paths that led me to this point, to the insertion of this unattainable mug into my mind, to my obsession with finding it.

It started with a delicious visit, probably two years ago, to Cha Ya, a vegan/Japanese restaurant in Berkeley. They served their tea in mugs without handles, with sides thick enough to insulate the beverage/protect my hands, kinda like these.

But I already had a mug: a tall, fine box-store mug with a handle. I dutifully carried it each day–to and from the coffee shop, or to and from my kitchen–and then, finally, it broke. Cracked. Under the extreme temperatures and pressures of my tea-drinking habit. Or maybe the mug’s low quality cracked it.

The handle-less mug in mind, and looking for durability, I replaced it with a stainless steel travel mug. A huge one. I loved it. It did not requite. Lesson learned: mass-produced goods have no love to give.

Which leaves me here, and now very happy. I found, on etsy, a wonderful potter who is making me a custom mug. Tall. Strong. No handle. $10. Should be ready in a week or two. I’ll post a picture when it comes.

Update, here it is:

Custom Mug