I admit it: I’m a sucker for candles and their wild promises of aromatherapeutic benefits. I’m also extremely sensitive to … everything. Too many times, I’ve bought a candle only to get a massive headache as soon as I walk into my (tiny) apartment with it.

The most recent culprit was a candle from Bed Bath and Beyond (yes, I went in there. They lured me with a damned coupon–I’ve learned my lesson). But what it lacked in quality, it made up in value, right? Well…

Consider these two candles:

Candle from Bed Bath & Beyond ScentimentsBySandra

The first is a Sage and Citrus candle from BBB. $14.99 for 10oz. of candle and a glass votive. I couldn’t figure out the ingredients or the burn time. Perhaps it says on the package, but I’m not going back to BBB to find out.

The second is a Cool Citrus Basil candle from Scentiments By Sandra, an Etsy seller. $15.00 for 7oz of candle and a kick-ass vintage teacup. It’s made of soy wax, with a burning time of 35+ hours. I’m in love.